Detroit Style Specialty Sliders

Gourmet sliders: The idea might seem ludicrous to anyone who’s eaten too much fast food in their life. Well, Tim’s Gourmet Sliders believes delicious Detroit-style specialty sliders don’t have to be a dream. We don’t just slap your burger on a dirty grill and hope for the best. No: We spend time carefully selecting fresh ingredients and producing sliders and fries that you’ll love.


Our Favorite Specialty Sliders

What if our gourmet sliders don’t appeal to you? We get it: Everyone has different tastes. Thankfully, our team can prepare specialty sliders you’ll love. Don’t like pickles? Do onions give you gas? Let us know what you want (and don’t want) on your sliders, and we’ll do the rest. Each personalized slider gets the same attention and love we give our standard options.

Detroit Style Specialty Sliders

Seasoned Fries as Far as the Eye Can See

Listen: we love French fries as much as we do sliders and think you deserve only the best fries possible. Our fries are coated, seasoned and fried fresh to order. Served up deliciously crispy and fried to golden perfection. Our mouths are watering just thinking about them! Frankly, once you try our fries at Tim’s Gourmet Sliders, you won’t go back to fast food fries ever again: that’s a promise.

Don’t Trust Those Soulless Corporate Slider Restaurants

Let’s be frank: sliders have a bad name thanks to fast-food companies we won’t name. We’re sick of it. At Tim’s Gourmet Sliders, we make the gourmet sliders and specialty sliders Detroit loves. The difference? We truly love what we do. So, are you ready for the best sliders in Detroit? Call us at (248) 251-5781 to book us for your next corporate event. You don’t have to settle for mediocrity.