• Previously known as Tim’s Good Food Grill now specializing in gourmet sliders!

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  • Previously known as Tim’s Good Food Grill now specializing in gourmet sliders!

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Gourmet Sliders in Detroit, MI

Formerly known as Tim’s Good Food Grill, Tims Gourmet Sliders has undergone an exciting transformation to better serve their culinary vision. Recognizing the growing demand for unique and flavorful sliders, the decision was made to rebrand and shift their focus towards creating an exceptional experience centered around these delectable mini-sandwiches. With the rebranding, Tims Gourmet Sliders aims to showcase their expertise in crafting mouthwatering, one-of-a-kind sliders that elevate traditional comfort food to a gourmet level. This new direction allows them to hone their skills, experiment with innovative flavor combinations, and deliver an extraordinary culinary journey with each bite. Embracing their new identity, Tims Gourmet Sliders invites food enthusiasts to indulge in a world of miniature delights that redefine what it means to savor the perfect slider experience.

Gourmet Sliders That All Detroit Will Love

Quick! Think about the last time you had a fantastic slider. It’s probably been a while, hasn’t it? Unfortunately, too many questionable “chefs” think they understand how to make great sliders. Do you want to know their cooking methods? Quickly microwaving a frozen, prepackaged slider and slapping it on a greasy, rarely cleaned grill. Frankly, they’re little more than glorified fast food.

What if we told you that Detroit-style gourmet sliders were available at reasonable prices? Well, at Tim’s Gourmet Sliders, we’ve perfected the art of truly delicious food. Each of our sliders is carefully designed by expert chefs who genuinely love their job. No frozen burgers, no soggy buns, no days-old lettuce: we only use the freshest ingredients in our meals.

And what about our seasoned fries? Our seasoned fries are a delicious variation of classic French fries that have been enhanced with a flavorful blend of seasonings and spices. These fries go beyond the traditional salted version, offering an extra kick of taste and an exciting twist to your culinary experience. Book us for your next food truck event, and all this can be yours! But how exactly do we operate?

Booking for Your Detroit Food Truck Event

Now that we have your attention, you’re probably asking: how exactly do I book Tim’s Gourmet Sliders for my food truck event? Simple! Call us and tell us what you need. Want just burgers with no chicken? Just let us know! Give us a head count, and we’ll do the rest from there.

On the day of your food truck event, we’ll show up early and start cooking. We’ll prepare all the sliders that your event needs and oodles of French fries to go with them. Need beverages? We can bring water, soda, juice, and anything else your team wants.

Now, you can sit back and watch your employees dig in. Need help with cleanup? We bring trash bins for your events. Will a corporate slider restaurant provide that kind of customer service? Doubtfully. It’s little things like that that make Tim’s Gourmet Sliders Detroit’s favorite food truck.

Tims Gourmet Sliders

Call Us for the Best Gourmet Sliders Detroit, Michigan Has to Offer

Is your stomach rumbling thinking of our delicious Detroit-style gourmet sliders? We know the feeling because we love our food, too. At Tim’s Gourmet Sliders, our team can make the specialist sliders that your corporate event needs. Unlike those “big name” slider restaurants, we love what we do and work hard to cook better sliders. So what are you waiting for? Call us at (248) 251-5781 to get beef, chicken, and pork sliders that your team will love.

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